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There are well over 10 thousand examples of hairstyles in 65 different sections on this website. You would be very lucky indeed if every single one suited you. In the real world, different styles or colors or textures suit different face shapes, ages, ethnicities and personalities. We could go on about oval faces or square jaws and hair pulled on or off the face but the best way would be to see it for yourself. So we have created a utility for you to try a style on a picture of yourself or one of our models that looks similar with one of over a thousand different male and female styles.

To use our Hairstyle Tester utility with a photo of yourself simply take a passport style photograph of your face with your hair pulled back and flattened as much as possible. For best results either take the photo with a light, preferably white, background or use a graphics package like Paint® that comes free with all recent versions Windows® and cover and touch up the photo of you to remove a darker background or "trim" any excess hair that may stick out when you apply a new style.

If you don't have Paint® there are many photo editing packages available for free - a couple of the better ones are below:-










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