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Some long blonde hairstyles that are trendy. Having long blonde hair is itself a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, but the long blonde hair also gives you a lot of opportunity to get trendy or classy. You can pick different hairstyles and experiment a little and get the look that suits you the best. There is always scope for uniqueness with long hair.

A country style edgy long blonde hairstyle can always be the best fit for you. Work with some bangs to get a brownish blond finish for the hairstyle. Keep the bangs short and little messy. At the top of your head, let some loose hair fall and get a deeper shade for the base of those hairs. If you have a good density of long hair then you can use the wavy look the best. However, you can always give it a spin by experimenting with the waves. For example, slight waves with honey colored underside will surely make a difference.



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Golden locks are always the best way to go for if you want long blonde style with simplicity and panache. If you have the right appearance to carry it off then the falling blonde locks will get you the looks that you always wanted to have. You can always use waves at the end to let it fall with style. Hair band with blonde long hair is surely one of the best styles from days gone by, but you can always bring the style back on to trends. Part your hair and let it simply fall in from of you. Use a thick and light colored hair band to hold the hair.

The messy look is always a great hairstyle for women with a playful nature and thick blonde hair. You can use a wavy and messy updo with your long hair. It will give you an impressive look. One side wave is another very stylish way to go. Even if you donít use it permanently, occasional use of this style will get you an edgy look. The long blonde hairstyle is perfect with some play with shades, as that makes the layers come out clean.





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