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Get fashionable with a long bob. The bob cut is one of the most famous hairstyle of 80s and 90s, and the long bob is bringing back the style today. Bob cut is rather a hairstyle for short hair, but having it with the long hair is now in fashion. With proper use of it, any woman can look at her best, wearing matching dresses.



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Having a long bob cut is all about carrying it with the right appearance. The right hair styling for anyone is the one that suits her face. If you want to have bob cut with long hair then you need to have one of the face types that match with this particular look. If you have a hairstylist then he or she is the best person who can suggest the right style for you. The bob cut hair can be applied with hair styles of many different lengths from check bone past the shoulders and down the back. Long is generally used to describe hair that reaches below the shoulders.

Maintenance of the long bob hairstyle can be rather easy in comparison to some other long styles. Bobbed hair in it's simplest form is basically straight, and so you can maintain it on your own mostly. All you need to do is to comb your hair right along the length of it few times a day. Having soft and untangled hair for this is particularly needed. You need to use hair care products which have no harmful chemicals in them. These kinds of hair care products keep your hair soft and light. You can easily maintain your hair to keep it neat this way. Once a month, you need to visit your salon to keep the hairstyle preserved.  Some people prefer to have highlights but keeping it simple is the way to look classy. Keep the hair in front of your shoulder and maintain a length for as long as you are going with this hairstyle. One thing that makes the long bob a part of modern hair fashion is the fact that many celebrities also have it.  



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