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Some long dark hairstyles that are on trend. Long dark styles have always been among the favorite ones for women. Long hair is great because it can offer you plenty of style options to try. Long hair is high maintenance, but you can have the perfect look if you can use the positive side of long hair well. Dark hair is surely the most commonly seen one in women.



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Messy ponytail is a long dark hairstyle that looks really great with dark hair if itís long. You can part your hair in one side and then tie it with a knot, leaving the ponytail loose and messy. You can always use a shiny hair accessory with the hairstyle to give it a unique look. Loose and long waves have always been picks of the choice for women who have long and dark hair. The best thing about it is that the darkness of the hair color compliments your skin tone, when the loose waves give you a simple yet stylish appearance.

If you have straight long dark hair then there are some very specific styles that you can select, depending on the shape of your face. If you want a cut which you can easily create and maintain then go for a large side ponytail. Leave some shorter layers hang loose on your forehead. Add color shades to give this look a twist you can also let it fall straight and add medium sized curls just at the end of it. Keep the rest of your hair straight. You can always let both sides fall in front of you, or just one side. Slick and thin can go great with dark hair, if you have strong cheekbones and clear complexion. Drag your hair back and create a clear part at one side of your hair. Create large buns with the hair at your back. If you donít have natural shiny hair then you can use any hair shining product. A casual messy bun with texture can be right for you if you have dark brown long hair.




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