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Get an easy long updo for the prom.
The hair updo is the process to not letting your hair fall free, and a long updo will be perfect for you to show off your beauty. There are many different kinds of hair updos that you can try for your long hair. That provides you with a lot of options for you to select according to your needs.



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Pick a style you like the look of from the right.

Many people believe that the hair long prom updo styles can be best managed by stylists. The truth is that they have the right equipments and knowledge to get going with any kind of hair you have. However, that doesn’t mean you need to visit the salon each time you need a hairdo. Your updo can be very well managed by yourself, if you know what you want. First, start with our gallery of different updo styles. You will surely find a lot of them, from which you can select the one that suits your hair the best. Your own judgment is most important. Select a simple one if you have less time to hand, but make sure that its right for your hair.

You may need a curling iron, comb, bobby pins, and other decorative hair pins for a simple yet attractive updo. You need to have smooth and untangled hair for this. Start with shampooing your hair well. Dry your hair completely to make it light and easy to manage. Once done, use the curling iron to curl your hair. However, make sure that you give it a natural look with light curls. Comb the back layers of your hair. Give the top half of your hair a wavy look. Take a side of your hair now, and drag it back of your hair to pin it down. Do the same with the other side of your hair. Make sure that both the sides are equally arranged. Make sure that the hair of both sides overlaps each other, as this will hide the bobby pins. To complete the long prom updo, take your curls and pull them back one by one and add decorative pins at the end of them.




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