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Beautiful long straight hairstyles.
Straight hair can be difficult to maintain at times, but you can always use them to prevent hair tangling, and make you look classy at the same time. According to hair experts, straight hair is generally healthy. It can be surely said that straight hair has some very specific styles to try.



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Pick a style you like the look of from the right.

 A long straight hairstyle with long and strong hair can surely give you a classy appearance. You can use the simplicity that comes naturally with straight hair and mix it with a little spin by adding hint of messiness. Keep the end of your hair messy a little and let it fall free. That will give a hint of uniqueness. Behind the ear straight locks can surely be very attractive with a little texture. Make the top of your hair darker and let it come to your natural hair color as it comes down. You can always use a thin ribbon on top of your hair as accessory.

If you have high volume of long straight hair with light color then you can go for bouncy look. Use layer cuts and make the back layers darker than the front layers. Keep the layers a little uneven and use medium sized waves at the end of the locks. You can always add some texture separately to each layer for more vibrancy. Another great hairstyle for straight hair is the parted style. This is best fit only when you have quite long hair. Make an equal division of your hair and let the divisions fall free. Curve the bottom a little if you want. Simple is most attractive, and it can break boundaries to be great if you can tweak the simplicity a little bit. Straight hair is often perfect for pin straight style. However, you can always use large bangs with it for a unique appearance. You can also try pull back, behind the ear straight hair locks for a funky style. Use medium size bangs and pull them back to pin up with long straight hair on top of your head.




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