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Managing and styling extra long hair.
Having extra long hair can be really hard to manage, but you can always do that quite well by adapting to a hairstyle that is suitable for you.

If you are a working woman then managing very long hair can be time wasting for you. You need expert suggestion to know how you can have  very long hair without a nest of tangles.



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The very first rule of managing very long hair is to make sure that you keep it healthy and soft. Using the best quality hair care products is the first thing you need. Try to use herbal products or at least gentle. Keep your hair clean by washing it regularly, but you also have to make sure that it doesn’t remain wet for too long. Use your fingers as comb to keep your extra long hair tidy and untangled. This is important if you want your hair to be beautiful.

The best hairstyle for very long hair is surely a hair braid. The braid can be made with as many as knots you like. You can change the size of knots from large to small from top to bottom and give it a very attractive appearance. The braid is one of the most classic styles to have your extra long hair well organized and looking classy. Some of the retro hairstyles like long ponytail or parted straight hairstyles have always been the most popular ones for extra long hair. The double knot high ponytail hairstyle can be equally elegant and playful. One very important thing you need to remember about the extra long hair is that the color is an important aspect of it in terms of styling. The light colored extra long hair gives you plenty of opportunity to add texture and shades to your hair. You can use darker shades of your natural hair color to get a unique look.




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