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Beautiful, long hairstyles are popular with every person. From the classy and elegant to the partier, what is possible is great and can provide a stunning appearance.


Of course, to get that magnificent look, it is important for a person to go further than the ordinary and overdone. While the natural look has its advantages and is often quite popular, it is not all there is. A person can wear their hair in many gorgeous styles that fit anything from a cocktail party to a night out with friends, whatever is happening. With the range in colors and cuts out there, every person has something that is just right for them.

For the elegant events or the weddings, many people want to go with a hairstyle that matches what is happening. A lot of people can depend on updos, simple yet beautiful, and very detailed long hairstyles to get the desired look. To be sure you get the desired result be sure to find  a real professional hairdresser, as DIY haircuts are never a good idea. All these styles do bring out the appearance of a dress, the accessories, and everything about you, creating a view that is not only breathtaking, but also head turning.

Hairstyles Category: long


Curly & wavy Curls and waves on longer length hair styles.
200 images


Blonde A set of pictures of lighter colored long styles
200 images


Long Bobs Long bobs where the hair is cut the same length all around. 200 images  

Red Crimsons, chestnuts and mahogany styles on long hair.
200 images


Bangs They can work just as well on the longer style.
200 images

Long dark hairstyles  Darker colored long hair can look stunning.
200 images


Prom & updo Long hair is the best for updo's because you have so much more to work with.
200 images

Long straight More variations on this theme than you would have thought possible.
120 images


Bridal & Wedding As with the prom section there are more choices with long hair. 120 images  

Streaked & highlighted Collection of long length hairstyles with bleached or colored sections. 120 images  


Long formal styles For formal occasions where smart is the order of the day.
100 images

Celebrity long haircuts

Celebrity Alicia Silverstone to Renee Zellweger some examples of our favorite celebs.
100 images


Long & parted Where the long hair is brushed in different directions. 200 images  

Extra Long Those styles that were judged to be that little bit longer.
200 images


Party Going to a party absolutely always needs a little extra flair. 150 images  

Classic Some styles that look fantastic on all age groups.
100 images


Retro Styles of a longer length from back in the day. 100 images  

Young Pictures of long hair styles for younger visitors.
120 images


Trendy Long styles straight out of the latest fashion houses.
100 images

Unusual Exactly what it says on the tin.
150 images

Some people like to have long hair cuts that match their out there and social personality. The party and trendy styles help to keep a person looking their best without causing them to lose any edge or personality. This can help to make the true person underneath shine, move around when you do, and make each article of clothing stand out. There are also outrageous hairstyles that add more to a look, helping you to be more unique and different. Many of these hair cuts do provide something wonderful to a personís image, something that cannot be duplicated by other styles. There are times when history or celebrities have shown to have the types of long hair cuts you are after. They give you a look into what is and was popular, helping you to find something that is known and gorgeous. These styles can range from the elegant and classy, with their tight and proper appearances, to the edgy, with more wild styles that inspire a personís crazy side. Since these hairstyles are from a large number of people and times, finding something suitable to your own personality is more than possible. The selection available gives you more than you need to find something you will like. Simple does not, in any way, have to be boring. Looking to these long hairstyles is about finding a color and cut that match your face. You can have long and straight, parted, or banged, along with many other styles that are more on the safe side without sacrificing beauty. These provide you with the magnificent appearance you want in a way that will not cause you to get out of your comfort zone. Long hair cuts can be something to marvel at and fall in love with. The styles out there are great in numbers and they each give you something unique and beautiful that will make your face shine.  
By Iain Patric 2013