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Whilst there are plenty of women out there who are perfectly fine sitting back, relaxing and just copying the latest trends there are even more women who simply would not dream of doing something like this. Instead they will look for hairstyles which are a bit more unique, those which really reflect their personality and make them stand out whenever they are out, whether it is in an office or at a party. These are the hairstyles you will find on this page, the unique ones.



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So what defines a unique hairstyle? Well, they are ones that you don’t see about all too often. There are plenty of medium hairstyles out there which are common. It can quickly become a bit bland looking and nobody is really going to want to pay attention to you. After all, it is something that has been seen time and time again. However, when you opt for a unique hairstyle everybody is going to want to look at you. They will be surprised at how you are taking a stand against the norm, and they will love it. Of course, if you are opting for something a bit more unique you will probably want to have a personality to match. After all, everybody is going to expect you to be a little bit ‘wild’ if you are rocking one of these hairstyles.

 There are plenty of ideas on this page for styles for people with all facial types so take a browse about! If you like any of the unusual medium length hairstyles that you see on this page then do not hesitate to get in touch with your hairdresser. Make sure you choose a good one though because it will require a substantial amount of talent to craft something this unique. You want it to look perfect right?




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