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Perfect men's long hairstyle for perfect looks.

There was a time when long hair on men was considered feminine. However, that time is gone and the age of Greek gods are back. The long haired men are considered hunks. With the right face and right body, long hair can make you the most attractive man around. Pick your style well and you are ready to go.



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One of the most commonly seen men's long hairstyle has wavy and free flowing hair. For this particular hairstyle, you need to have a good volume of hair. Add waves to it in large size, and then let the ends flow on their own. Having rough ends with little curves can add up to the appeal of this style. Back brushed and beached is also in fashion. All you need for it is smooth and soft hair. Keep the length of your hair even in all the places and let it fall straight. Take the hair from front of your face and put it back to add some volume to it. If you have a long face with strong jaw then the shiny hair with thickness can surely be the best. It matches best with medium dark colored hair. The hair has to be naturally shiny as using hair shiner works at its best only when itís applied on shiny hair.

Let the well volume of thick hair be free on your forehead and on the sides of your face. Shaggy looks is really popular if you can compliment it with proper texturing. Little highlights and darker shades inside can make the shaggy look a great style. Straight and tidy hairstyles are also great for long hair on men. The straight styles require good quality hair, and you need to keep it untangled. For tidiness, part the hair at one side and keep it well brushed. Your hair stylist can suggest you even better styles for your hair.




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