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When most men think about hair cuts and hair styles, they may associate getting hair ďdoneĒ as a female thing.


Just because you are a guy, though, does not mean that you have to go to the same barber for the same hair cut every month year after year. However, trends for menís hair styles and menís hair cuts do tend to evolve more slowly, and stay in fashion longer, than womenís hair styles. This does not mean, though, that you should never change up your look.

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Extra Short Men's hair that is cut to a length of a couple of inches or less.
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   Short Men's hair that is cut to around 2 to 4 inches long.
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   Medium When the hair is said to be medium in length it is around 5 inches long.
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   Long Anything over 6 inches is taken by this site to be long.
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   Celebrity Brad Pitt, Denzil Washington, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp etc etc.
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There are many stylish menís hair cuts and menís hair styles, whether you want to change up your look for good or just try something for a night out. If you have straight or wavy hair, the quiff is a very popular menís hair style right now. It is edgy, with rock overtones. The quiff is short on the sides, with longer, textured and styled top. Think tousled and very vintage. Itís a sexy menís haircut for those into a ďbad boyĒ vintage look Ė think James Dean. One variation of the quiff is the slick quiff. The slicked quiff only works for straight or straightened hair, but is a very clean, polished look with the hair slicked up and back. The regular, or textured quiff, works on straight or wavy styles. Rockabilly menís hair styles, the precursor to quiff menís hair cut, are another trendy menís hairstyle right now. This hairstyle is unique in that it works on any kind of hair Ė straight, wavy, or color. This hair style is distinctly reminiscent of the 1950ís, with hair sculpted up, tousled, and styled. Rockabilly hair is long on the top with very short sides and back, and uses a lot of product - gel or pomade Ė to sculpt the longer top part. In fact, in the 1950ís, when this menís hair style first became trendy, it gave rise to the name greaser. These menís hair styles tend to be a bit edgier, though, and some men prefer more traditional menís hair cuts. If that is the case, stick with a more classic style of menís hair cuts. In the professional world, menís hair styles typically favor shorter, more conservative looks. For a professional, short, coiffed look, cut the hair no longer than the ears. Do a simple side part, and then sweep and slick the hair to one side, holding with gel or spray to prevent fly-aways. A traditional, very short cut, with buzzed sides and gently spiked top also looks professional and neat, and slightly more modern than the side part. Longer hair is not out as a menís hair style either, whether you exist in a laid back surfer lifestyle or the professional world. For a more laid back, easy going look, hair can be gently tousled, flipped out, and wavy Ė a messy bed head look. If you prefer longer hair but worry it will hurt your professional image Ė donít! Shoulder length hair, neatly groomed and smoothed away from the face can work great! Whatever your style, do not be afraid to try something new!
By Iain Patric 2013