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Help on making the best of your photo.


The best results are achieved by using a photo of your head and shoulders, front facing with as little of your own hair visible as possible and a light background. The picture is best around 300x300 pixels. This is not always available so this page will guide you through making the photos that are available as close to the ideal as possible.

1. Paint® This utility is usually installed with most recent versions of Microsoft Windows® and normally can be found in the Programs>Accessories folder in the start menu. Paint® is a very basic picture editing utility that has everything we need in most cases. Other more advanced free photo editing utilities are linked to at the bottom of the page.

First step is to crop the photo down to a head and shoulders shot. Open your file with Paint® and click on the select tool, the cursor will then turn to a cross when its over the picture. Click and drag to select the part of the picture you need (fig 1) and then move it to the top left (fig 2)

fig 1.

fig 2.

Then move the small square at the bottom right corner of the whole picture to the bottom right corner of the required area eliminating the unwanted parts (fig 3) then resize using the stretch and skew command from the "image" drop down menu (fig 4). you are aiming for somewhere between 200x200 and 400x400 (this is not too critical and doesn't have to be totally square). Change the horizontal and vertical figures by the same amount or the pictures will distort, check the size using the attributes command from the same drop down menu.

fig 3.

fig 4.

Trim any excess hair using the brush tool using either white or the Pick color tool to match the background (fig 5). The zoom utility from the "view" drop down menu my be useful here. Removing hair that's over the face or forehead is a little more tricky (fig 6) but using the pick color and brush tools and the zoom utility and you will make a useable picture, for more advanced airbrushing the photo editing packages at the bottom of this page are free.

fig 5.

fig 6.

If you don't have Paint® there are many photo editing packages available for free - a couple of the better ones are below:-










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