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Look seductive with a short blonde haircut.
Blonde is certainly seen as the most desirable hair shade but if your natural colour is much darker it can be an uphill struggle to maintain it so before going for a blonde look be sure you're prepared for what you are getting into. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that blonde hairstyles can look really fabulous on most women for not only the length of the hair is make things a little easier but it also offers a number of style variations.



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Natural blonde hair is quite rare accounting for only a couple of percent of the worlds population but since the discovery of Hydrogen Peroxide in the early 19th century it has become within the reach of us all, well nearly all. If you have low levels of the red pigment in your hair Bleaching is generally an easy process giving satisfactory results however if you have a little bit of ginger in you this can cause problems, of course given enough time all color will go in the end. Question is which will go first the color or the hair? If your going blonde for the first time you probably won't know how your hair will react so get the stylist to cut a hair swatch and test it before hand, if it goes a nice golden color fairly quickly you're in but if it takes a long time or goes an unpleasant color you might want to rethink the whole thing.

You can always find a wide range of blonde shades with the hairstyling professionals and finding the best shade is important to make the hair look at its elegant best. Women with natural blonde hair also need to take special care because natural blonde tends to dull if left to the elements, a bit like white clothes show the dirt quicker so blonde hair can develop brassy or yellow tones. By using chelating agents and a really deep blue or violet color the tones are removed or at least temporarily neutralized.

If you want to dye her hair blonde then it's worth considering skin tone. Going for a bright shade might not be a very good choice for a women with a pale complexion for that can make them look washed out and a darker shade may go better with their complexion. On the other hand warm blonde shades are known to produce fascinating results with darker complexions and do really look sexy and seductive.




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