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Bobs in there true form are styles that have been cut to all one length, that's it. The fact that there are 200 styles in this category means that it's not quite that simple, after all you would need only a couple of pictures to show that. You'll see inverted bobs, a-line bobs, stacked bobs, layered bobs, curly bobs, choppy bobs, side parted bobs, well you get the picture. 



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A very popular look recently is the A-line, graduated, stacked or inverted bob. They are all essentially the same thing, there are a few different interpretations and regional differences but they are all basically a bob where the hair is shorter at the back and comes gradually to a longer front. If it was up to us the inverted bob would be the generic term for all of them and the three variations would be A-line is the simplest form that is cut in a straight line diagonally from front to back, whereas a graduated bob is, as the name suggests more gradual and somewhat rounded at the back and finally a stacked bob is more severe at the back, you basically get an A-line and chop a bit out of the back to make the angle steeper.






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