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Classic hair styles have stood the test of time and would suit all age groups as we have chose ones that are conservative in nature, not too conservative so becoming boring but just right. There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple, it's all very well going for a fancy style but you have to live with it every day by styling it and looking after it and whilst a fancy cut always looks great when you just walk out of the salon it is often a different story at home so it's worth wile giving these styles at least some consideration, you may decide that on the occasions when a fancy cut looks stunning it's worth it but at least you've born it in mind.



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When we say classic short haircuts we mean styles that have stood the test of time, not to say old fashioned because there is always a new twist to keep them fashionable as stylists blend in new aspects to keep things fresh. This has led to the creation of new styles but with a classic background.

Maintaining a classic simple short hair style can be easy in comparison to more complex or longer styles. However that's not to say that you need to do nothing to take care of your hair. On the contrary you'll still have to take care that it doesn't become dry and damaged and you will develop split ends as a result of this. It' just that you need to do less work on your hair and use less products and chemicals which take there toll especially with longer or more complicated styles.







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