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The style of sporting short curly hair. Short n curlies along with side sweeping bangs in front has become a very popular fashion among beauty conscious women this year with the unruly curls one can really provide her face with a better and more desirable look. This particular hair style is especially suitable for women with thinner face structures and along with off the shoulder attires and the right kind of  accessories it can really result in a tantalizing look and can also considerably improve beauty and appearance of women belonging to almost any age group.



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Curls or waves are formed by a curved follicle, tongs or the permanent waving process which had its early roots way back in the early 20th century and involved all sorts of unpleasant stuff, tongs go back even further. Like all hair fashions they wax and wane in popularity with the more extreme end of the spectrum the more liable to the popularity fluctuation.

One is always open to try out a number of varieties with short curly hair depending upon individual preference. A curly hair style pinned up and free falling curls is capable of producing the most astonishing results and make one look beautiful and admirable at the same time. Pins encrusted with jewels, ribbons and rings are being used by many women as suitable style accessories with short curly hair for a graceful and elegant look but it's always encouraged to experiment with accessories for appreciable variations.

One of the most impressive things about curly hair is that it can be sported on both casual and formal events and if sported with elegance they add an element of alluring persona to the appearance of any woman. In order to get the proper curls vigorous brushing of the hair must be avoided and combs with wide bristles can be the best for creating them. According to many hair style experts winding up the hair in a tight bun and drying it up with a blower is the best way of creating the perfect curls. Avoiding fizzy hair is also an important aim especially during the winter however with short hair you are at an advantage but using a deep treatment once a week is always a great way of maintaining the natural softness of the hair along with the curls in wintry conditions. One can also apply wax on the curls to make them look glossy.




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