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Things to remember before opting for flicked or side swept hairstyles. Short flicked hairstyles have been much in vogue in recent times as much on boys as on girls but here we concentrate on the latter. This has become more important after being sported by various celebrities.



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The more extreme version of this kind of style has had a resurgence in popularity due to the prevalence of straightening irons because if you run your irons along a portion of hair then turn them away it at the end a definite flick is left in the hair. Curling tongs are probably needed to create the very extreme flicks you can see here. The first curling tongs were invented in the early 19th century and basically involved heating up a metal rod until it was hot enough to slightly singe paper then wrap hair around it, sounds pretty brutal to us. Tongs and irons and indeed any heat related way of styling work by breaking little things in your hair called hydrogen bonds which reform when the hair cools down but in a slightly different place keeping the new shape secure.

This look is very easy to manage but be careful not to over do it with tongs or irons or you may get split ends or other damage. Hence it is extremely important to must take proper steps to condition the hair and maintain it in good shape. The flicked or sideswept hairstyle will suit the faces of those individuals who have oval shaped faces or slightly long faces. It will not suit the round face people much. Hence the face type must also be considered before you think of selecting this hair cut.






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