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Most of us give red a try at some point and of cause there are those of us that start with it. You may have experimented with colors like browns or blondes. When you try to experiment too much, there are chances that you might damage your hair structure. However, if you like to experiment with the color red, then you need to know few things, which can help you maintain your hair. Did you know that red color contains the molecule that  fades away most easily? You can find it little irritating that you have just spend so much money and it fades in a few days or a week.



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Naturally red hair is relatively rare but genetically resilient as it is an incompletely dominant trait which basically means it mixes well and often doesn't have many obvious outward signs and skips generations. It mainly originates from northern Europe and accounts for a tiny percentage of the world population, everyone else gets it from a bottle.

Red as a color fades quicker than other colors, just have a look at an old red car especially in a hot, sunny climate. Sunlight is your enemy especially if your hair is dyed and not naturally red, dyed red hair has the color just on the surface so there is nothing to back up faded color. UV filters can be found in hair care products nowadays and we thoroughly recommend them. Don't waste your time and money on shampoos or conditioners with UV filters as they just wash out and you need those in your armament for other things like good condition, shine and detangling. Spend your money on a finishing spray like this one from L'Oreal. Having said all that you need to use shampoos that are suitable for hair that is colored and they often also have UV protection in them as well as other benefits, just concentrate on the other benefits when you choose. Many make the mistake of using ordinary shampoos, which might damage your color or at least not preserve it. You might want to select a shampoo that is free from sulfate because they only clean your hair, not the color. You can also make a hair solution for yourself by getting a red color hair dye that is semi permanent. Then you can mix the semi permanent red color hair dye into a shampoo that you use often. You might want to use this mixture once or twice a week.

Finally, always make sure that your hair remains moisturized. When you have hair that is dehydrated, colors might not hold on for long. So, regularly oil your hair or go in for hair massages. Olive oils or coconut oils can be used. You can also visit a hair therapist if you want to and get their suggestion. Remember, to spend some time on the internet and go through different short red designs which are available for you. It is also advisable to try out short hair before you decide to cut it so try our free makeover utility.





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