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A guide to short streaked and highlighted hairstyles Short styles with streaks or highlights are very popular among women of all age groups simply for the fact that it makes one look young and beautiful. It adds to the beauty of the person and increases confidence to a great extent. Streaked or highlights are not a new invention but enjoy the usual ebb and flow of fashion. The streaks in the hair can be done in any color ranging from golden to red to mahogany to any other color which suits the taste of the individual who will be wearing it on their hair.



Short: Streaks & highlights: Section 1

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After the streaks or highlights have been applied to the hair, special care has to be taken to preserve the color. Coloring and especially bleaching fundamentally damages the structure of the hair at best making it dryer and at worst causing breakage to a greater or lesser extent. The main cause of damage in this way is over use, bleaching too often especially on top of a perm is usually going to end in tears, so stop it!  Leave the roots for a couple of extra weeks because no matter how skilful your stylist there will be some overlap onto the already bleached area.

Take extra precautions and use shampoos and hair oils which will moisturize the hair and keep it healthy in the long run. This will prove to be beneficial in the long run in the proper maintenance of the hair. Your hair will remain healthy and it will not break as easily. Therefore one must take special care of their hair after coloring it in the form of streaks or highlights.

Maintenance must be done properly so as to keeping the hair in good condition. Some things one must remember before they embark on to get their short hair streaked are as follows. If you have hair of medium thickness and straight, you are ideal for this hair style. The oval face works the best for this kind of haircut. A person with delicate features or sharp features will also be able to carry off the streaks nicely. A well shaped head and a nice chin also helps in accentuating the look.






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