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Things to remember before trying out short, unusual hair style It is very common to do something in fashion which will be very uncommon and out of the blue. This seems to create a great uproar among the people at large. They get attracted to it and pay more attention to it. Therefore in the long run many people tend to try something unusual in their fashion sense for catching the eyes of the people at large. In a same way, short unusual hair style also does the same thing. It seems to catch the eyes of the people very easily as it is unusual and also short. This novelty factor seems to be very interesting a combination for many people. They get attached to it mainly for this novelty purpose and ape this style to become novel in their style statement.



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There are some factors which have to be borne in mind while contemplating an unusual style whether its an emo, scene or just out there. First and foremost is the fact whether you will be able to carry it off, merely aping the rock star or the film star is not a good idea. You may not look good and that will be disastrous.

Most people who would look at this sort of thing are likely to be quite head strong so you probably won't be reading our advice or at least not going to pay any attention, so good luck to you we guess you know what you like.

For the rest of us before you think of trying out an unusual style firstly consult with the stylist who will be able to guide you and also tell you which will look good with your personality. One must never try a style which will not suit them as they will not be able to carry it off properly especially think of your age, how can we say this tactfully? If your over 20, probably, over 30, maybe, over 40, doubt it, over 50 forget it. The film stars or the rock stars can go sporting the unusual look but this is not possible for the common woman. He will have to go to office or his work place and he cannot sport the unusual style there. Hence one must think before sporting the style about whether he will be able to sport the style at every place. These are some factors to consider before trying out any unusual and short hairstyle in the future. Maybe find one that you can tone down if you need to.




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